Pin – #1 Rustic Bottle Yard Stakes

Pinterest was a major source of inspiration for our wedding in the fall of 2011. Since we were getting married in a meadow opening, we needed to find some way to add a little flair to the aisle decor without distracting from the natural setting, so when I found these Single Bottle Yard Stakes on Pinterest, I was pretty stoked.

Bottle Yard-Stakes

Bottle Yard-Stakes

What I wasn’t so excited about was the $49 price tag for a tree branch, glass bottle & twine. So we went the DIY route and made our own. Throughout the summer I collected downed branches after storms and had my friends saving every clear bottle they could get their hands on. We sharpened the bottoms so they’d drive into the grown easier, used a couple of rubber bands to keep the bottles snug to the branches and covered them with natural colored raffia.

How’d it turn out? Not too shabby…

DIY Rustic Yard Stakes

Rustic bottle stake lining the aisle

Since we reclaimed all the materials except the rubber bands and raffia, we made all of these (about 10 – 12) for probably a grand total of $7.


4 thoughts on “Pin – #1 Rustic Bottle Yard Stakes

    • Thanks! We got a lot of compliments on them. You could also put in lights, candles or even a little bit of dye into the water for some added color depending on what you’re using them for. Thanks for stopping by!

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