Pin #7 – Quick Seedling Cover

Quick seedling cover on Pinterest

Since we’re well into planting of our first garden, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for tips on how to keep our veggies safe & organic. I found this Quick Seedling Cover pin just a few days before I walked out to find some critter had started chewing its way through our broccoli seedlings.

We didn’t have any onion or orange bags on hand that this DIY project called for, so we opted for a protective mesh that’s supposed protect crops from birds. The holes in the mesh were still to big to keep small bugs out, so we doubled up the layers of the mesh to reduce the accessibility, while still letting air, sun and moisture through.


Quick Seedling Cover in real life

Obviously my attempt to replicate seedling cover pin isn’t nearly as adorable looking, but it seems to be mostly effective on airborne bugs. Unfortunately the thing that was eating up our broccoli was a tiny cabbage looper larve that crawled through the mesh with ease.

We removed the loopers by hand, but this mesh won’t do much to defend against the really small bugs with big appetites. However, it does give me some peace of mind that the entire crop won’t be destroyed by angry birds.


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