Pin #9 – Summer Pineapple Strawberry Limeade Cooler

Pineapple Strawberry Limeade Cooler from MommaMag

For any party, it’s important to start off with the right drink – and a Saturday afternoon pinnin’ party is no exception. Since one of our attendees has a baby on the way and one is breastfeeding, I wanted to make sure to have a tasty and festive non-alcoholic beverage, so I hunted through my pins and found this Summer Pineapple Strawberry Limeade Cooler.

The recipe for this limeade mix is very simple and turned out to be a big hit at the party – for those who drank it straight as well as those of us who sprinkled in a little rum 🙂  My concern when I added in the limeade and pineapple mixes was that this drink would be too sweet. It wasn’t – even for my husband who doesn’t like sweet drinks really enjoyed this one.

Pinterest in Real Life: Pineapple Strawberry Limeade Cooler

A few recommendations…

  1. Be sure to add in all the water that’s recommended in the recipe… a few of the comments on the recipe page suggested leaving out the water and just letting the ice melt in – I tried that and wound up with a drink that was WAY too sweet. Once I added in the water, it evened out much better.
  2. Add in the fruit early and let it all meld together for at least a couple of hours before serving. I used strawberries, limes, lemons in my mix.
  3. If you want to make this a traditional cocktail, have some rum or vodka to mix in.

Mix it up, add plenty of ice and get some festive drinkware ready – this is a fun drink that will set the tone for a great party.


2 thoughts on “Pin #9 – Summer Pineapple Strawberry Limeade Cooler

  1. Thanks for the review! I saw this on Facebook, but there were no reviews. I don’t like making stuff without reviews! 🙂 I will get this stuff for my Wildtree party tomorrow. Woo hoo!

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