Pin #11: Strawberry and Honey Sorbet

Strawberry & Honey Sorbet from The Kitchn

Oh, springtime and all of your fresh strawberries. What are we to do with you… according to my Pinterest board, blend you up and make Strawberry & Honey Sorbet! I was amazed at how easy and simply delicious this recipe was: a pint of strawberries, a little honey & a well squeezed lemon.

This recipe required very little fuss but got big of raves from all who got a chance to try it!  A few thoughts about how this pin worked out in real life…

  1. The most time consuming part of this recipe was pushing the blended strawberries through the strainer. Make sure to use a fine mesh strainer — I didn’t expect that I would actually PUSH the strawberries through the strainer, but that’s definitely how it wound up happening. It probably took 5 – 10 minutes to get the strawberries properly strained, but after that everything else when very quickly.
  2. Pinterest in Real Life: Strawberry & Honey Sorbet

    I used the ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchen-Aid mixer and ran it for about 20 minutes then transferred to another container to finish freezing. Within a couple of hours it was ready for mass consumption!

  3. Since one of my friends who was coming over that night was pregnant, I opted not to use the vodka that the recipe recommended. The recipe noted that the vodka would make the sorbet smoother and softer & easier to scoop once frozen. I would definitely consider adding in the vodka next time since it was a little hard to scoop out once it’d been in the freezer overnight.

This is a healthy, easy summertime treat that I can’t recommend highly enough! Grab a pint of strawberries and get goin’!


3 thoughts on “Pin #11: Strawberry and Honey Sorbet

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  2. America’s Test Kitchen uses vodka in a lot of their frozen recipes as well for the same reason. I’ve made blueberry cheesecake ice cream that doesn’t require booze because the pudding in the ice cream keeps it from getting too hard. Looks yummy!

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