Pin #12: Epsom Salt Spray for Growing Peppers

Espom Salt & Peppers, The Baltimore Sun

We’ve ventured into serious gardening territory this spring and Pinterest has been a great place to stumble on to tips for first time organic gardeners. When I came across this pin I was amazed at such a simple solution for improving your pepper production.

The gist: peppers aren’t as hungry feeders as many other garden plants, however they do have a serious magnesium craving. Epsom salt is the fix for this pepper hankering. Just spray 1 teaspoon Epsom Salt to 4 cups to create a pepper booster.

How’d it turn out for us? Well, it’s only early May so the verdict is still out.

Pinterest in Real Life: Epsom salt treated bell peppers

A few days after we sprayed used the Epsom salt solution spray we also treated the plants with a spray of fish oil emulsion mixture.

There was a big growth spurt for the peppers that were already on the vine; and while there have been several blossoms, we’re still waiting for more fruit.

I’ll update this post in a month or so once we’ve had more time to see how well the peppers are growing in our little garden.


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