Pin #15: DIY Photo Light Box

Photo Light Box Tutorial from Flax and Twine

I love chronicling my Pinterest attempts, but one thing that bugs me is how poorly the pictures have turned out. We have terrible lighting in our kitchen so it’s a struggle to get good pictures. Luckily, I came across this great Pinterest find: DIY Photo Light Box.

Photography tools can get really pricey really fast. Fortunately, Anne over at Flax and Twine wrote up a great (and easy!) tutorial on how to make your own photo light box. Our camera (Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX10) takes pretty good pictures, but lighting issues have always given them funky tints. Well, that problem is no more thanks to our new light box!

Here are my thoughts on Anne’s DIY Light Box:

  1. It’s Cheap! Aside from needing to pick up some white tissue paper and white poster board (which cost about $5 combined), we had all the tools necessary at home: cardboard box, tape, cutting blade. 
  2. It’s Speedy! This project comes together fast! This went so quickly I was able to get it done while our 14 week old son (who is a nortoriously short napper) snoozed in his crib down the hall. It took me about 35 minutes to make my light box – cutting out the cardboard was the longest process.
  3. Check Your Size. Be sure to select a cardboard box that is big enough for what you’ll be photographing. I started with a smaller box to see if the concept translated as well into reality (which it did) but really the box is too small for most of the food shots that we take. In the pics below you can see the edge of my light box at angles that can’t really be cropped out. If you’re taking pics of objects bigger than jewelry you’ll probably want to start with an 24x18x18″ box or bigger.
  4. Add Some Light. If you’re not able to use the light box with natural light filtering in, place a couple of lamps on both sides the box (and on top, if you’ve got a lamp that will work at that angle). This was something I read in the comments of Anne’s original post and it really helped my pics pop.

So how’d the results turn out? Judge for yourself:

Pinterest in Real Life: DIY Light Box Comparison

Pinterest in Real Life: DIY Light Box Comparison


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