Pin #20 – DIY Canvas Wall Photos

DIY Wall Canvas Photos

DIY Wall Canvas Wall Photos
from Literally Inspired.

This week’s pin comes from my dear friend and DIY’er extraodinaire, Jess (check out her boards if you get a chance, especially the aptly named, I Think I Can Do This). After plowing through the first year & a half of motherhood like a champ, she decided it was time to get some new pics up on the wall to celebrate all the changes to their family. However, she wasn’t keen on shelling out $300+ to get the photos made into wall canvases… that’s where this Pinterest gem came in handy.

Ginger over at Literally Inspired posted this great DIY Photo Canvas tutorial that gave Jess the inspiration she needed. Armed with a batch of 8×10 photos, canvases, Modge Podge and an Exacto knife, she went to work. Jess shared a few thoughts with me on how this DIY project worked in real life…

  1. It’s Cheap. Jess figured it cost about $40 to create her custom canvas wall photo collage – with the bulk of that coming from getting the photos printed out at her local Walgreens. The other “major” cost was purchasing a packet of 10 painting canvases at Michael’s. Compared to the $300+ price tag to get these professionally made, Jess made out like a bandit on this one.
  2. It’s Easy. Once she got her rhythm, it took less than 5 minutes to do each one, plus time to dry. A few of the prints were a millimeter or two off, so they didn’t line up exactly; Jess remedied that by grabbing an Exacto Knife to trim to overages.  The one suggestion she makes is to take a practice round with the Exacto Knife before taking it to your photo prints — it took a little getting used to the knife before she was able to make smooth cuts.
  3. Easy to Add & Replace Photos.  With her little one growing and changing every day, Jess wanted an affordable way to swap photos in and out as her little miss grows. This is a method she’s already planning to use for years to come as they update their photo walls… plus it serves as a GREAT gift for the grandparents.
  4. It Looks Amazing. I absolutely love the way this turned out! She’s now got great way to display great shots of the family without breaking the bank every time — Jess also used this brilliantly simple DIY Photo Alignment pin to help hang the photos without poking a bagillion holes in the wall.

Quick, easy and awesome. This is definitely a Pinterest Win.

Pinterest In Real Life: DIY Wall Canvas Photos

Pinterest In Real Life: DIY Wall Canvas Photos


2 thoughts on “Pin #20 – DIY Canvas Wall Photos

    • Ginger – Thanks so much for your comment… didn’t they turn out great! Thanks for your tutorial… I’ll be using it for our upcoming family photos, too!

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