Attention Educators: New Teacher Boards on Pinterest

School’s back in session for just about everyone – heck, Metro Nashville schools have back since August 1st! Crazy early, right? Maybe that’s because they cancel school down here at even the hint of snow’ish weather. But I digress…

Since the early days of Pinterest (w-a-y back in ’11), teachers have been sharing all sorts of great ideas. The Pinterest powers-that-be have taken note and created a set of group boards targeted for educators of all sorts, “Teachers on Pinterest“. Boards include: individual PK-6th grade boards, arts, science, math, Montessori, home schooling, supplies and more.  In addition to these group boards, there are also fantastic resources like Edutopia’s Lesson Planning Board.


Find individual board contributors to follow.

Pinterest teamed up withe Edutopia to create these boards and selected respected educators to help curate each of these group boards. To learn who’s heading up each board, check out this “Say Hello to Teachers” post on Pinterest’s blog. I also suggest clicking on the Board Contributors link to see who is contributing to the boards and follow them individually.

Right now the boards are somewhat limited, but if you scroll through the comments on Pinterest’s blog post about the boards, you’ll see quite a few requests to add technology, special education and other types of boards. Hopefully these will come online soon.

If you’re a teacher, what do you use Pinterest for? What other boards would you like to see?


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