Pin #25: Crock Pot Indian Curry

Pinterest Crock Pot Indian Curry

Pinterest In Real Life: Crock Pot Indian Curry

Indian food… how I’d been craving you so!

Four years ago that statement would’ve never come from me. Ever. After trying Indian food time and time again, I resigned myself to the fact that I just didn’t like the stuff. All the cool kids raved about it, but I just couldn’t get on board. To me it just tasted like mush. Then one day a co-worker dragged me to a new restaurant that opened by our office… and I my tastebuds finally discovered what all the hubbub was about. Thus began my Great Indian Food Love Affair.

Fast forward to present day.  I no longer work at that office and it’s been over 8 months since I had the tasty curry delight. 8 MONTHS! And I’ve go a craving. An intense craving.

In my infinite wisdom I think, “Eh, how hard can it be to whip up a good curry?” I scour my Yummies board and find this pin for Crock Pot Indian Curry. The blogger who posted it wrote, “This is just as good, if not better, than the take-out coconut curry we order.” Must be good, right?

The smell of curry and cumin filled the house for hours. Dinnertime finally rolled around – I could hardly wait to take my first bite. Oh, the delicious anticipation!

I eagerly brought the first spoonful to my mouth and took a bite. But instead of taste bud fireworks, my reaction was something more like this. Oh, the bitter disappointment!

It’s not that this recipe was bad, per se, but it certainly wasn’t outstanding. I added in some fresh Thai basil and that helped things out, but it was missing that something special to round out the rich flavor. Instead it just went kind of flat.

Oh, Pinterest. You saucy minx, you. You got my hopes so high. So much for thinking I could master Indian cuisine from one pin. Lesson learned. Next time I’ll be ordering take out.

What about you? Have you found any great Curry recipes on Pinterest? I’d love to give them a try — share them in the comments!


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