Pinterest may be my favorite thing that the Internet ever came up with.

It’s the best site that I’ve stumbled upon for cataloging ideas and discovering new ones. But sometimes I get a bit ahead of myself — pinning so many things that even if I made one every day for a year, I’d never put all these concepts into play. That’s why I started this blog – to force myself to start trying out more of these ideas and putting them into real life. Call it a Julie & Julia for the Pinterest age.

Check out the pins that I and my wonderful Pinning cohorts have attempted on the Pins I’ve Tried page.

As I’ve tried out these new pins (most successful… a few not so much), it’s sparked a creative streak. Instead of just feeding off of everyone’s great ideas, I feel like I should be contributing some of my own. That’s why I’ve started the Friday Originals Series. Here I’ll be posting original recipes and projects that I’ve come up with all on my own (well… with a heavy dose of inspiration from Pinterest and the world beyond the scroll bar).

If you’re a Pinner and have tried things you’ve collected on your boards, please feel free to share – I’d love to post your results. The plan is to put at least one idea from Pinterest into action every week.

About the Pinner

How I spend my non-pinning hours.

How I spend my non-pinning hours.

In a previous life (like, 7 months ago) I worked in marketing and web development world. It had its good points (and low points), but luckily my world changed in January 2013 when we welcomed our son into this world. Since then I’ve been fortunate to stay at home with Little Man E where every day is an adventure in “so what’s gonna happen next?”

When I’m not trying out pins or chasing after our young son, I’m likely hiking with my husband in the Tennessee hills, making cookies (man, I love baking) and helping to curate our other blogs: Marking My Territory, an outdoors and camping recipe blog, and Bushwhacking Life, a blog detailing our family’s journey to financial independence.


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