Pin #22 – DIY Nursery Room Decor

DIY Kid's Room Wall Art TutorialWhen we found out Little Man E was on the way last year, the obsession with creating the nursery began to take over.  I found myself on Pinterest for hours and hours trying to imagine what his first room would look like.  Eventually we settled on a jungle adventure theme and I began researching (read: pinning!) ideas. That’s when I found this pin from Dalloway Kids on Etsy – I loved the simplicity and great splash of color. However, I wasn’t keen on paying $43 + shipping for a couple of cutouts on scrapbook paper.

That’s when I visited my local Michael’s store and got busy. (Random question… How much do you think Michael’s or Hobby Lobby’s business has increased since the advent of Pinterest? I know they’ve gotten my money…).  The end product turned out different from the original inspiration, but I’m really diggin’ on the different dimensions and sense of motion that I wound up with in these pieces.  That’s the glory of DIY, right?!

DIY Nursery Room Decor Tutorial

Children's Room Wall Art from

Inspiration: Nursery Room Wall Art
from Dalloway Kids.

Here’s how I did it…

  1. Gather Supplies. First I picked up several sheets of scrapbook paper – 3 patterned sheets and 3 solid, textured sheets of scrapbook paper. Pick a color combo that best fits your room and style — I chose textured paper for the silhouettes because I wanted them to have a little bit more dimension.  I also grabbed some spray adhesive, exacto knife and 3 picture frames with matting (8.5″ x 11″) .
  2. Find Silohuettes. Next I scoured the Internet for jungle animal silhouettes that I liked. I wanted them to have a sense of motion (much like the giraffe in the Dalloway print) but also the have a bit of playfulness – I didn’t want it to seem like these beasts were gonna attack my babe! To avoid having to pay for these but still not rip anyone off, I used Google’s Advanced Image Search and selected the “free to use or share” option under the Usage Rights filter.

    Use Google's Advanced Image Search to find free images to use - select "free to use or share."

    Use Google’s Advanced Image Search to find free images to use – select “free to use or share.”

  3. Print & Cut. I used basic image sizing software to get the silhouettes to the right size, about 8″ wide (heights varied by animal) then printed the silhouettes directly on to the solid colored paper. From there, I simply cut out the silhouettes with the exacto knife and a cutting board.
  4. Arrange & Glue. Once everything was cut out, I taped the patterned scrapbook paper to the back of the matting and played around with how I wanted the animal silhouettes to sit on the matting – I liked having a few of their legs tucked behind the matting so it gave a slight 3D effect to the picture. Next, I lightly sprayed the silhouettes with the spray adhesive then laid them on the on the scrapbook paper and matting, tucking in the legs as I had determined earlier.

    Place legs on the on top and behind the matting to create dimension.

    Place legs on the on top and behind the matting to create dimension.

  5. Wait.. then Hang! With the silhouettes glued to the background, I covered them with the glass from the frame and sat a couple of books on them to ensure it would dry flat.I let the pictures dry overnight then placed them in the frames. Next, I grabbed the hammer and nails and hung them in Little E’s room.

I love the final product. This project was quick, easy and affordable — I spent about $18 on this with the bulk of that cost coming from the picture frames.  I saved over $25 and got a final product that I like better than the original inspiration!

Pinterest In Real Life: DIY Safari Wall Art

Pinterest In Real Life: DIY Safari Wall Art

DIY Nursery Safari Decor... Adorable baby not included :)

DIY Nursery Safari Decor… Adorable baby not included.

Note: If you like the original pin concept, you could make this DIY even easier by printing the silhouette directly on to the scrapbook paper – totally eliminating the cutting & gluing process.